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[BadPanda024] Gaspar Claus – An inexhaustible feeling

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Gaspar Claus is a cellist.
A couple of live video-recordings, filmed by his old friend Vincent Moon a.k.a. Take-Away Shows a.k.a Blogotheque, will instantly blow you away: one at Fiume Night (Japan) and another in the desert with flamenco guitar player Pedro Soler.
He has several projects with dancers like Nina Dipla or Moeno Wakamatsu, with French actors (Anne Alvaro, Serge Pey …) with electronic musicians (Rone, J_Mahtab, A. Yterce, Joakim from Tigersushi …), pop musicians (Ramona Cordova, Damo Suzuki, Kria Brekkan, Scout Niblett, Sufjan Stevens, Cali, Catherine Jauniaux) concerts with the improvised music scene in Japan (Umezu Kazutoki, Keiji Haino..) and much more.
BadPanda#24 is just the first step to discover Gaspar Claus. Enjoy!

Gaspar Claus – An inexhaustible feeling [mp3] [ogg] [aiff]

Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

The songs are distributed under a Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

Born in 1983, Gaspar Claus has started the cello at age 5. From his long studies in music Highschool with great teachers such as Philip Muller (NMSC, Paris) he kept a part of his technical background. But his current research is based on an exploration of his cello skills beyond its basic use.
He uses the whole body of the instrument (wood, metal & horsehair) to create a universe of sounds that he plays during his improvisations with many artists. His desire is to preserve the listening pleasure even in the most extreme situations. It always goes from one project to another, from one world to another, combining his music with very different worlds.
Besides his solo performances (at the Knitting Factory, NYC; at Star Pine Cafe, Tokyo in galleries in Paris and in festivals) he has several projects with dancers like Nina Dipla (who worked with Pina Bausch) or Moeno Wakamatsu (who has worked with Merce Cunningham, Masaki Iwana …), with French actors (Anne Alvaro, Serge Pey …) with electronic musicians (Rone, J_Mahtab, A. Yterce, Joakim from Tigersushi …), pop musicians (Ramona Cordova, Damo Suzuki, Kria Brekkan, Scout Niblett, Sufjan Stevens, Cali …), the flamenco guitarist Pedro Soler (they played at the Philharmonie in Berlin, November 2007, current album planned for 2010) with Benat Achiary (the Concertgebouw of Bruges December 2008), or with Catherine Jauniaux, concerts with the improvised music scene in Japan (Umezu Kazutoki, Hiromishi Sakamoto, Kazuki Tomokawa, Otomo Yoshihide, Keiji Haino, Sachiko M…) or other very special concert as a duo with a masseur in a German’s Christmas market in Berlin , a musical project about Physics & pets called “Schrödinger’s Cat”, duo piano & cello, whose album was released in February 2009.
Constantly looking for new artistic experiences, he is now also involved in many projects throughout the world. With the French filmmaker Vincent Moon, travel on all continents to document the music, crossed with the sound of his cello. Recently filmed on a trip for the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Mongolia, a journey through Eastern Europe with twelve dancers / choreographers. Last December the artistic direction of a recording in Tokyo with the currents leading Japanese improvisers.


Where do you live actually?

My flat is in Paris but I’m barely there. I have been traveling a lot those two last years and to be two weeks at home gives me a strange feeling. I’m getting used to this constant movement. But I don’t feel like being a nomad all my life long. And some day I hope I’ll find a home and enjoy staying there. Don’t know where yet. Have some dreams…

What is the last thing you ate?

Breakfast. Croissant. Bred. Salty butter. Boiled eggs.

Your drug/addiction?

I don’t have addiction. I like to try things. Even if told like dangerous. But don’t get any pleasure with going too regularly back on the same thing. So I keep away from addiction. And I love many kind of drugs.

What do you collect?

Times. Musics. Feelings. Movements. Compassions. Sleepdreams. Things that I don’t understand.

One quote?

“Our mornings know no returnings” in “Tous les matins du monde” by Pascal Quignard.

One movie?

This year : “Antechrist” by Lars Von trier (2009). Other times : “Step across the border” by Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel (1990)

One song?

Mmmh… Sorry, no way to talk only about one song… Would be like if I had only one key on this keyboard to write this message…  I just hope the best song doesn’t exist.

“Tattooed Man” by Coil – in “The Ape of Naple” (to feel strange).
“Down at the Beach” by Patrick Watson – in “Wooden arms” (to make love).
“Toccata N° 8, Book 2 by Frescobaldi – harpsichord : Pierre Hentaï (too feel beauty).
“Melody” by Serge Gainsbourg – in “L’histoire de Melody Nelson”.
“Swing Set”  by Cut Chemist – in “Quality Control” (To dance Hard).
“Lemon Trees” by Fool’s Garden (just for fun)… and so many more.

One book?

Only one…? Okay. Again : “Tous les matins du monde” (“every mornings of this world”) by Pascal Quignard. (actually reading a terrible book about the story of torture over the time and over the world).

Favourite venue?

I have had great time in the “Rachdingue“. Dancing all night long under the stars on the Patio from this house where Dali has been in love.

But the best venues are these place where music is not played for a critical audience but for the family. Or for some gods. Or just to express loneliness or happiness or anything which is not cultural.

Favourite concert?

I would say somewhere in the Sahara. Where this hunter was playing Goni and singing like crazy all night long, walking in the sand followed by people dancing & yelling.

Favourite place on earth?

Here is never worth than anywhere.


In between the arms of…

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

I prefer not to express this here. I have wishes and sometimes words make things disappear…

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