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[BadPanda039] Bing and Ruth – Rails

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Brooklyn band Bing and Ruth is an 11-piece ensemble led by composer and pianist David Moore.

Described by the NY Times as “making the most of layered and atmospheric melody,” the band utilizes clarinets, voices, cellos, and a buffet of other acoustic instruments to craft expansive soundscapes and quiet microtonal textures.

The ensemble enjoys it’s reputation as a unique live experience, and it’s recent performances in the New York area include the 2009 MATA Festival, the Wordless Music Series, Darmstadt New Music, the WFMU Festival, and Stochastic Brooklyn and you can have a tasty preview with the wonderful Take Away Show shot in Coney Island, NY, by Vincent Moon’s Blogotheque.

“Rails”, drawn from the band’s forthcoming City Lake album, begins with some Reichian clapping, overlapping different claves like puzzle pieces and then matching them with a piano figure that neatly parallels their rhythms.

Bing and Ruth – Rails [mp3]

Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

The songs are distributed under a Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0


David, where do you live actually?

I split my time between Brooklyn and the back seat of a ford econoline 12 passenger van.

What is the last thing you ate?

An everything bagel and a bowl of cottage cheese.  It was the perfect storm of too much liquor and no recent grocery shop.

Your addiction?

Coffee and forgetting to water my plants.

What do you collect?

Instruments and shoes.  It’s a sickness.

One quote?

“Not the saint transfixed at the painting’s center, but the face of the boy half blocked by his mother’s shoulder” – Jane Hirshfield

One movie?

Bring it on is actually quite brilliant

One book?

Collected Stories of Amy Hempel.  Always.

One song?

Memphis by Chuck Berry.  Everything right in this world in just over two minutes.

One website?

Brad Zellar’s now defunct blog

Favourite venue?

Jalopy Theater in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  It’s a venue, a school, a bar, a vintage instrument store, and a repair shop.  If you ever find yourself there please tell Lynette she needs to have butter for the popcorn.  If it’s gonna happen she needs to hear if from more people than just me.

Favourite concert?

Gavin Bryars’ Sinking of the Titanic with the Wordless Music Orchestra was pretty phenomenal.  I came straight from the airport to see the show and that piece combined with jet lag and the giant cathedral it was performed in added up to a pretty surreal experience.

Favourite place on earth?

At my own piano.

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

In my own bed

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