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I love Anders Ilar. He is a swedish producer and he makes the kind of warm, dreamy, melodic techno that evokes the wintry landscapes of his homeland. His love of the genre stems from his early interest in ambient pioneers such as Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre, by way of the dark (Skinny Puppy, Front 242), the moody (Cocteau Twins, Lush) and the tech-obsessed (Aphex Twin, early Cologne records).

Over a couple of dozen 12-inches and a handful of CDs on labels such as Level, Narita, Shitkatapult (co-headed by Apparat), Merck, Further, Echocord and more, Ilar has built up a catalogue of lush, deep, and occasionally glitchy electronic records that are both useful techno tools and excellent Sunday morning home listening material.

Incredibly prolific artist, I’ve fallen in love with Nightwidth (2006) and with his 2008 free album Twilight Rainfalls and then worn out the Resident Advisor mix. His new cd (Storied of old) is out on yardrec (with remixes from Adam Johnson and Yard) and another new cd album on Level Records (Wavefunction Formula) on is coming up in November/December.

Traveller is a new exclusive track by Anders Ilar, dedicated to lithuanian Supynes Festival.
Bad Panda really really suggests to read the interview below, his words are also now part of our manifesto.

Many thanks to Anders.

Anders Ilar – Traveller [mp3] [ogg] [wav] [flac]

(Photo by Stephen Rice)

[official website]
[resident advisor]

Where do you live actually?

I find myself on a beautiful blue pearl spiralling through space, I inhabit a human bodyform and it is located in an area known as Sweden. I share my time between two homes in two cities, one in Gothenburg the other one in Ludvika.

What is the last thing you ate?

I had some thaifood with chicken and rice and good stuff.

Your addiction?

My laptop, my cats, sleep, food, etc.

What do you collect?

I find myself less attached now to material things like records and gadgets than
I used to before. Now I collect special places and inspired moments.

One quote?

‘Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.’ -Bill Hicks

One movie?


One book?

Eckhart Tolle – ‘Stillness Speaks

Which song do you listen to when you wake up?

It is usually quiet when I wake up, but the first music I will listen to is probably whatever I was working on the night before.

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

I don’t think about that alot. There’s been more than a few tracks over the years that resonated strongly with me, but it doesnt mean I wish I wrote them. That would take away the pleasure of hearing them for the first time in an unbiased manner.
When it comes to (music and) lyrics, wich I don’t use often in my music, I really like Dead Can Dance. Their 3 first albums still remain in high positions on my all time favourite list. There also one song by Depeche Mode that I strongly connected with lately called ‘Light‘.

The song to be played at your funeral?

Dead Can Dance – Persephone (The Gathering Of Flowers). Also just great for any rainy day.

A song for relaxing on a beach?

Boards of Canada – Everything you do is a balloon. But I prefer the sound of the surrounding nature. Or the stillness in wich it all appears.

One website?

Your thoughts about music industry?

I think music and industry makes a bad combination. I think it’s obvious that creative expressions such as music has a value and a function much deeper than any industry or market minded person can comprehend. Some things just shouldn’t be monetized. You can’t really own sounds more than you can own the air you breathe. It’s just a privilege to be able to experience music at all, in all its wondrous beauty, and you simply can’t own the experience. We need a new economic system that is not based on the banks robbing the people. There really is a shift in conciousness needed on this planet. I think if there was finally a big crash or financial collapse wich laid the Banks and Governments in ruin I hope people should celebrate, sing and dance in the streets and finally realize they are free. If there was an interuption in the powergrid and the last laptops and ipods are all drained of power, humanity will always have more music within.
Afterall, (real inspired) music always comes into this world through someones heart. Music wants to be free, and we have the technology to do that, so I don’t see what’s the effing problem. Only human ego gets in the way. We are truly living in a time of transition and change on so many levels. I see the potential for a bright future for humanity, we just need to mature and clear out the collective egos and rise above millenia of conditioning. It’s going to be painful for alot of people to let the old go, but it’s happening now, it’s been going on for many hundreds of years. slowly a new consciousness is rising on the planet and is now gaining momentum. Don’t get lost in the fearpropaganda pushed by politicians and newsmedia. We need to embrace forgivness and step out of ego and compulsive thinking. We have a destiny to be free from the rule of our egoic minds, on a free planet, a free people, sharing space, food, love and music.

Favourite venue?

I enjoy playing in the forest very much, under a starry sky.

Favourite concert?

Tough question. One of the best was definitly Legendary Pink Dots in Örebro back in 94 or 95. I recently went to listen to Autechre, and I realised I would probably have enjoyed it much more laying down somewhere soft with a good pair of headphones.

Favourite place on earth?

The corner of a meadow down by a lake near my home in Ludvika where me and some friends often make bonfires and chill out. This place has been with me from the start. A very magical spot.

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

On a planet with higher numbers of conscious inhabitants.

And feel free to add anything else you want.

All is perfect as it is. Just be with the isness in conscious awareness.

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  1. so i say,
    thank you 4 the music,
    the songs i´m huming.
    thanx 4 all the joy they´re bringing.
    who can live without it,
    i ask in all honesty.
    what would live be?
    without a song or a dance what are we?
    so I say thank you for the music,
    for giving it to me (ähm – i mean us)!

    I love AI 2!
    Many thanx 2 Anders!


    08/11/2010 at 3:26 PM

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