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[BadPanda057] Bomarr – Exchanges Among Systems

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Bomarr, a.k.a. Matt Valerio, is a self-made man of many hats: beatmaker, remixer, DJ, compilation curator and video artist; one-third of hip-hop, psych-rap Restiform Bodies on Anticon, one-half of Bat Rays, and one-whole nice guy raised in New England, now living in the New Wild West. As a child, he was living-room-renowned for a mean Casio cover of Lionel Richie; these days he’s best loved for a different sound. Call it punk ’n’ fuzz electro-hop, or synth-heavy bass-favoring hypno-bounce, or just dirty digital fresh—Bomarr’s style is inimitably his.

Bomarr’s been putting his vast obscure video collection to use as well, composing music/film collage for exhibition and release (see 2003’s Surface Sincerity DVD). And as if all that wasn’t enough, he’s been working with the Sneakmove label on their 7-inch “Minicomp” series, contributing to the 365 Days Project (a celebrated found music blog), and DJing S.F. clubs. Despite his early love of the spotlight, Bomarr gets nervous before going on stage; yet despite that, he loves improv. He and Passage operate a punk-dance party band called Bat Rays, and in 2005, Bomarr and TJJ released their freewheeling electronic experiment Live at Chapel of the Chimes. With the Bat Rays, Bomarr has shared the stage with the Arcade Fire, Unicorns, Kid606, Animal Collective, Hrvatski, Cex, Métal Urbain, Grand Buffet, Barry Andrews (Shriekback), the ECC and various members and friends of Anticon. He also remixed tracks for folks like Grizzly Bear, Tunng, Midstates, Of Montreal, Alan Astor, Sole, Bleubird and Cars and Trains.

“Exchanges among systems” is a rarity and it comes from this limited 7″ vinyl release called “Designed Entropy 1” on Gold Robot Records.

Bomarr – Exchanges Among Systems [mp3] [ogg]

[restiform bodies on anticon]

Where do you live actually?

San Francisco, CA.

What is the last thing you ate?

Quinoa with edamame and teriyaki chicken.

Your addiction?

Discovering new music.

What do you collect?

Mainly records, these days.  I have a decent collection of random junk store/dollar store odditees, like a betty boop laser-pointer crucifix keychain.

One movie?

Pump Up the Volume

One book?

“The Abortion” – Richard Brautigan

Which song do you listen to when you wake up?

“As Long As I Have You” – Garnet Mimms

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

“Oh, Comely” – Neutral Milk Hotel

The song to be played at your funeral?

Anything by Cat Stevens.  Maybe “If You Want To Sing Out” or “I Think I See the Light”

A song for relaxing on a beach?

“I’ll Be On the Water”  – Akron/Family

One website?

Your thoughts about internet and the music industry?

On one hand, I think that there is a LOT of music that wouldn’t even get heard without people sharing it with each other over the internet.  Internet buzz is such a key thing these days, and sometimes I feel like as long as people are getting the word out about your stuff, it can’t hurt too much. Would be great if all those people who got your music for free tried to support the artists by going to shows, or buying other merch though.  I think if artists are expecting to live off their music these days, they need to step back and re-assess things a bit.  I have plenty of friends who get by on their music without having to work day jobs, and it’s great, but most of these people are CONSTANTLY on the road playing shows, and making money through those outlets.  Well, at least getting by.   I’m just as guilty of downloading music as anyone else, although  I try to go out and purchase the vinyl version of a release whenever possible, if it’s something that I really love.  Ultimately, in an ideal world, people would steal the free music from the major label, super famous bands, and start kicking some money towards the artists who just want to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Favourite venue?

I don’t go out to shows too much these days.  If I had to pick a favorite venue in San Francisco, I would probably say Bottom of the Hill.  They have great sound, a friendly staff, and an awesome outdoor area in the back.

Favourite concert?

Probably Of Montreal at the Regency Ballroom, San Francisco a few years ago.  Their live shows get better and better.  Every time, the show is more dramatic, and it’s a wonderful thing to watch.  Not enough artists are getting crazy with theatrics these days.

Favourite place on earth?

Favorite place I’ve been is the cliche American favorite place…Paris.  Other than that, anywhere that I can be in the sun.

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

In a large house that has been paid for for the rest of my life.

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