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[BadPanda060] Southern Shores – Grande Comore / Mauna Loa

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Two folks coming from Halifax, NS Canada and relocated to Berlin with the intention of making bright, energetic, exotic pop sounds. Balearic, tropicalism, this is a call to Air France or Washed Out fans and Sincerely Yours followers. Debut single not-to-be-missed.

Grande Comore is an island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa and Mauna Loa is an Hawaiaan volcano. This is enough for us to love them.

Southern Shores – Grande Comore / Mauna Loa [zip]

A1- Grande Comore [mp3] [ogg]
A2- Mauna Loa [mp3] [ogg]


Where do you live actually?

We’re currently living in Berlin but come from beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

What is the last thing you ate?

Falafel. It’s our staple meal, we’re still in search of Berlin’s best.

Your addiction?

Club Mates- they’re fiendishly addictive naturally caffeinated sodas, like ice tea that kicks like coffee. Essential part of any creative day.

What do you collect?

We’ve been collecting acapellas of all conceivable sorts on a mission to find sounds and samples to work with.

Your favourite word?

Ben: Nostalgia
Jamie: Atlantic

What do you fear most?

Ben: Lack of inspiration.
Jamie: Tarantulas in your house at night during a snow storm.

One quote?

Ben: I have a terrible memory for quotes. There should be a quotes application for the Ipod where you punch in a keyword like ‘inspiration’ and it throws up some magnificent quote, which you can quickly read underneath the table then promptly deliver in a voice of wisdom to your unsuspecting friend.
Jamie: “The man who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man who can’t read”

One movie?

Ben: Days of Heaven
Jamie: Apocalypse Now

One book?

Ben: Don Quixote
Jamie: To Kill A Mockingbird

Which song do you listen to when you wake up?

‘Real Love’ by Delorean. It’s Ben’s alarm song and we live in a one bedroom flat.

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

Ben: ‘Dancing On My Own’ by Robyn, a rare perfect pop song.
Jamie: ‘Airplanes’ by Local Natives, I’m currently obsessed.

The song to be played at your funeral?

Ben: ‘Song to the Siren’ by This Mortal Coil, just to make sure there’s no dry eyes.
Jamie: ‘I Miss You’ by the late Teddy Pendergrass.

A song for relaxing on a beach?

Ben: “Endless Summer” by Fennesz
Jamie: Most of the songs from The Avalanches album will do.

One website?

Wikipedia, the pathway to eternal knowledge.

What do you think about music industry in 2010 and filesharing/internet as a promotion tool?

Digital downloads are the future of music distribution and the most important promotional tool right now. The internet is by far the easiest way to get one’s music heard and that’s a great thing.

Favourite venue?

Ben: Gus’s Pub in Halifax.
Jamie: Panorama Bar in Berlin is an incredible place to see a live show.

Favourite concert?

Ben: Beach House at Primavera Sound this year was a truly memorable experience, but seeing Fennesz play at Berghain this fall was the most mind-blowing artist/venue combo I’ve yet to experience.
Jamie: I saw Interpol several years ago in Ottawa and it was an incredibly satisfying set.

Favourite place on earth?

Ben: Southern Spain.
Jamie: I’ll go ahead and choose a time and place: A beautiful summer’s day on the North Shore of Nova Scotia.

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

In Berlin, hopefully without a hangover and with nothing to do but make music and drink Club Mates.

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13/12/2010 at 11:30 AM

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  1. Beautiful sounds! Give us more Southern Shores! You are the future!


    14/12/2010 at 1:24 AM

  2. […] never heard of before, with nary a play button in sight.Every day, a new name makes the rounds: Southern Shores. Action Bronson. Marlon Rando. Each time one of these catchy names catches  your eye, it’s […]

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