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[BadPanda061] Johnny Hawaii – The Lonely Smurfer

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Mr. Bad Panda right now is in freezing Moscow and keeping himself warm with the tropical surf sound by french Johnny Hawaii. Hope it will help you with your december tropical needs.

Do svidaniya!

Johnny Hawaii – The Lonely Smurfer [mp3] [ogg]


Where do you live actually?

Marseille, France

What is the last thing you ate?

Fish with fennel (sweet and strange)

Your addiction?

Football (for North Americans: I mean soccer)

What do you collect?

Scars. I was an hyperactive kid.

Your favourite word?

Vague ( a french word which means two things: “wave” and…”vague”)

One quote?

“Brian, don’t fuck with the formula!” Mike Love

One movie?

Robin Hood (the Disney animation movie). I was about eight years old when I saw this
movie, and decided, -when I’m a big boy- “I will be Robin Hood!”. I failed.

One book?

The Dharma bums. Jack Kerouac

Which song do you listen to when you wake up?

Undone-sweater song. Weezer (playing air-guitar on the solo)

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

Loser. Beck

The song to be played at your funeral?

Grave architecture. Pavement

A song for relaxing on a beach?

The “cocoshaker” theme (

One website? (great bands from Marseille!)

What do you think about music industry in 2010 and filesharing/internet as a promotion tool?

“music industry” is an old concept. filesharing/internet as a promotion tool, it works… you found me.

Favourite venue?

Le lounge (Marseille). great gigs every week for 5 euros.

Favourite concert?

Sonic Youth/ Beck. first “indie” concert in my hometown, Marseille. unforgettable

Favourite place on earth?

Under a palmtree

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

Los Angeles…under a palmtree

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20/12/2010 at 2:24 PM

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