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Hanne Adam is a german artist who creates intense experiments on hardware and software, involving transformations of sounds and samples to click and cut elements that have become a relevant basis for the rhythmic and percussive tracks of her minimal techno and electronica style. She concentrates mainly on sound-design and experimental structures leading to electronica, downtempo, ambient and IDM style.

In addition, many collaborations such as remixes and multimedia projects are part of Hanne’s complex musical career including working on musical media, paintings, graphics, photographies. Film and webdesign is the most essential part in her life, to create a means of communication with the inner and outside world.

While cold at first glance, all her compositions are never repellent, in fact they contain a common hypnotic element that opens the door to deeper and deeper explorations that will never let you go again. Like every great composer Hanne is an extremely fine observer, an attribute she also lives out in her work as a photographer. […] The pictures Hanne takes as well as the feelings she carries home convert to sounds, melodies and compositions that give these places an everlasting memorial far beyond the mere photographic moment. But there is another driving, darker force behind Hannes Adam’s music and her often abstact and bleak sound design: Pain, whether physical or emotional, has been a constant companion on her path through life and art. “Music sometimes was the only language that gave that pain a voice, the only thing that literally kept me in this life”, she confessed during a conversation we had in November 2009. It is in these precious moments of composing, of feeling that special occasion when a very private emotion transforms into a sound, when Hanne enters into a world without constant struggle and forgets about the defeats she suffers against enemies she can’t win against in her real life. It might be considered a sweet irony of her life that it is this pain, that actually leads her to her highest artistical summits. […] Enjoy every sound, beat and emotion this musical giant has for you. (Thomas L. Raukamp)


adamned.age – Nanof [mp3] [ogg] [wave] [flac]

[official website]

Where do you live actually?

I actually live in berlin since 4 years and never felt that home like here! I do love this city for many reasons, it is always inspiring me!

What is the last thing you ate?

Vegan waffles with cinnamon

Your addiction?

I am definitely addicted to ART!
Creative working (photography, making music, designing, producing films) is what I love and need the most to live!
I love to explore abandoned buildings a lot! I am really addicted to it too!

What do you collect?

hm… I am always collecting experiences.
Material things I do not really collect except cables and other technical tools, maybe.

One quote?

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.” (Victor Hugo)

One movie?

Der Himmel über Berlin

One book?

Hm, there are many real good books. I like autobiographic content the most. The reality tells the best stories, I think.

Which song do you listen to when you wake up?

Now it is 7 ‘o clock in the morning and I listen to a nice new idm release.  But normally I do not listen to music in the morning often.

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

For example the whole “Köln Concert” by Keith Jarett is a concert I am really jealous of! Just magical how one creates such free improvised music.

The song to be played at your funeral?

Oh, nothing I really like to plan today…  In the past I got some tracks I always wanted to be played at my own funeral, but today I just think my own music will fit the best.

A song for relaxing on a beach?

Honestly I am really not a “beach-freak”, but if I would like to chill out, I love to listen to some nice delicate sounds and hypnotic ambient scapes, but sometimes it is more relaxing to drive through the city, listening to some electronica music.

What do you think about music industry in 2011 and filesharing/internet as a promotion tool?

I think in there are immense changes in general.  The music industry of the future is not compareable to the older times.
I want my music to be heard and to me, producing music is  creating art, not for commercial reasons only. I hope the netaudio thought will deserve closer attention  and grows in the next years to reach their goals.

Favourite venue?

I like the convivial evenings with some friends the most, talking a lot in a very homelike atmosphere a.s.o. I like the unknown or underground places…down and out, all the more forgotten venues.

Favourite concert?

I am not sure about it.. many good concerts I attended in the past and none for a quite long time yet.

Favourite place on earth?

no concrete one… anywhere I feel save and secure!

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

Where? it’s ok to wake up in my own bed, in my city and in this life, this is what I can luckily say today.

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