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[BadPanda074] Ben Mason – Easy

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We’re featuring today Ben Mason, vocals and guitar of australian indie pop revivalist The Smallgoods.

As a solo project, in 2009 he recorded Acapulco, a cover EP with songs by six of his favourite Australian bands ( Crayon Fields, Dappled Cities, The Zillions, Midstate Orange, Ned Collette and Pikelet ) – completely a cappella – now available as a free download on his bandcamp, where you also can listen to his new interesting project that is the re-recording of The Zombies’ classic Odessey and Oracle in its entirety, meanwhile   progresses can be followed on tumblr.

Ben is also releasing his original music in an clever way, getting his songs out as soon as they’re ready, as digital singles on Bandcamp and Easy is the third shiny single released this year. Enjoy and get ready for summertime!

Ben Mason – Easy [mp3] [ogg]


Where do you live actually?

I live in Melbourne, Australia.

What is the last thing you ate?

Frittata. It was really good too!

Your addiction ?

Chocolate. I gave it up at the start of the year, but I fell off the wagon two days ago.

What do you collect?

Anything musical. Microphones, percussion, keyboards. Anything i can get my hands on. I always end up using it on at least one song!

What is your favorite word?

Favorite. I love that word. We spell it with a U here. Ufavorite. Great word.

One quote?

“Milk was a terrible choice” – Ron Burgundy

One movie?


One book?

The man that mistook his wife for a hat – Oliver Sacks.

Which song do you listen when you wake up?

Which ever song is playing in my head when i wake up. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s terrible!

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

Beechwood Park – The Zombies

The song to be played at your funeral?

Fond Farewell – Elliott Smith

A song for relaxing on a beach?

That one that goes.. “summer breeze, makes me feel fine…. something something… circles of my miiiiiind”.

One website?

Google. It has heaps of stuff on it.

What do you think about music industry and filesharing/internet as a promotion tool?

I think if an artists wants to give their music to people for free, than that’s great. If they don’t, then you probably shouldn’t try and steal it from them.

What do you think about Creative Commons?

I like the idea of Creative Commons. I don’t know a lot about it, but what i do know, i like.

Favourite venue?

Brixton Academy is pretty good. The Opera House in Budapest is pretty good too.

Favourite concert?

Ouch, what a question! Too many to choose from! Seeing the Screaming Trees in London was pretty amazing.

Favourite place on earth?

Double ouch!! Let’s see. I spent 6 weeks in Italy recently. my first time there. everywhere we went blew my mind. I’ve been to Berlin 3 times in my life and it gets better every time. that would have to be up there. I also lived in Turkey for 4 months. that’s a pretty amazing country.
…can i come back to this question?

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

In bed. No more waking up on the floor!

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