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[BadPanda089] Iròi – Usual Pop Line (Populous Remix)

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Andrea Mangia (as Populous) is an eclectic italian musician who so far released three albums on beloved Berlin-based Morr Music (Mùm-Lali Puna-ISAN-Seabear-etc). Combining electronica, hip-hop and pop, he also started another project with Matilde Davoli (who is also featured in this track) called Girl With The Gun.

Iròi is Pietro Iannuzzi, a “non-musician”. An electronic composer (listen to his take on Dumbo Gets Mad – You Make You Feel), with a strong preference for violins, pianos and post-rock, who recently released his 1st LP, Where You Were Now.

Really glad to welcome them both and to share this dreamy, upbeat, summery remix of Usual Love Line… italian music never sounded this good!

Iròi – Usual Pop Line (Populous Remix) [mp3] [ogg]

Bonus: Meanwhile, the following track is part of the soundtrack of the short “L’asino e la luna” directed by Giuseppe Carrieri and that will be distributed on the web on september 2011. Enjoy!

Iròi w/ Banda Musicale di San Donato di Ninea – After all, the sea [mp3]

[populous soundcloud]
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[iròi soundcloud]
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Check out below the double interview to Iròi and Populous!

Where do you live actually?

Milano and Pavia

What is the last thing you ate?

I: Pasta zucchine and shrimps with white wine. Rivers of white wine.
P: Biscuits.

Your addiction ?

I: World War II documentaries and Family Guy.
P: Clothes.

What do you collect?

I: Records.. is it too obvious?
P: Shoes.

What is your favorite word?

I: Donna.
P: Mood.

One quote?

I: “E sognai talmente forte che mi uscì sangue dal naso” De Andrè
P: “Now you’re talkin’ Jackanese” Jack McFarland

One movie?

I: The Wrestler
P: Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

One book?

I: Saltatempo by Stefano Benni.
P: Douglas Coupland “generation x”.

Which song do you listen when you wake up?

I: Fine for Now by Grizzly Bear
P: Kelis “young fresh & new”

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

I: Alison by Slowdive
P: “all I need” by Air

The song to be played at your funeral?

I: I have a complete playlist for that. A concert would be needed. If I have to choose one: “Sunset in your mother’s garden” by Colophon
P: “everything in its right place” by Radiohead

A song for relaxing on a beach?

I: Mima by Helios
P: “everybody daylight” by Brightblack Morning Light

Your sunday morning track?

I: Love like a sunset by Phoenix
P: I won’t say “sunday morning” just because it’s too obvious so I will say “little boxes” by Malvina Reynolds.

One website?


What do you think about music industry?

I: I have no point of view yet, but if I was part of it I would probably have one.
P: I prefer not thinking.

Favorite venue?

I: Circolo degli Artisti, Roma.
P: My bedroom.

Favourite concert?

I: I haven’t seen many concerts.. But for now I would say Buzz Aldrin.
P: Grizzly Bear at Primavera Sound 2010.

Favourite place on earth?

I: Autogrill, train stations, the world is flowing there.
P: Paris

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

I: It doesn’t matter where, as long there’s a smiling girl on my side.
P: Home, definitely.

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  1. excellent.

    Johnny B

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