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[BadPanda107] Plastic Heart – The Day Is Done

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Think hip-hoppers approaching harmony pop. Plastic Heart is the result, an experimental and hybrid swiss project created by Joel Muhl and Les Braun, suspended between Toro Y Moi and Madlib that can recall Stones Throw’s Jonti.

The Day Is Done is their first single, while the debut EP will drop on the 11th on bandcamp. Enjoy and read below the interview to Joel and Les.

Plastic Heart – The Day Is Done [mp3] [ogg]


Where do you live actually?

Zurich, Switzerland

What is the last thing you ate?

J: Scottish-Smoked Salmon with really good mustard.

Your addiction ?

J: I just love making music! I couldn’t live without it. I enjoy learning to play new instruments and using them in my music.

What sound or noise do you love?

L: The snap, crackle and pop of the vinyl once you place the needle on the groove and let it play.
J: A simple jazzy melody played by a Rhodes.

What do you collect?

L: Vinyl! Jazz, Soul, Soundtracks, Prog-Rock… everything! I like to go dig in the crates once in a while.

One quote?

L: “I’m worth more dead than alive. Don’t cry for me after I’m gone; cry for me now.” ~ Marlene Dietrich
J: “Zu glauben ist schwer, nichts zu glauben ist unmöglich.” ~ Victor Hugo

One movie?

L: François Truffaut’s “Les Quatre Cents Coups”
J: Pulp Fiction!

One book?

L: Herman Hesse’s “Demian”

The song to be played at your funeral?

L: Bill Evan’s “We Will Meet Again” or Tchaikovsky’s “Autumn”

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

L: Maurice Ravel’s “Gaspard de la Nuit: Ondine”
J: Mondscheinsonate from Beethoven

Which song do you listen to when you wake up?

L: Wizdumb – The City
J: Jack Johnson – Taylor

Your sunday morning track?

L: Gary Wilson – She Makes Me Think Of Endicott

One website?

L:! It’s this independent hip-hop label that I’m signed to. I make completely different music on this dark-, hip-hop label.
J: Our Facebook Page! Please like us!

What do you think about music industry?

L: The music industry in this day and age is much more image-driven than before. Becoming famous in the industry is based more on connections and how you can present yourself in front of the media instead of hard work or musical talent, which I think is quite a shame, because I believe that creativity is limited this way. I do think that there are a ton of really talented artists around the world with original styles, and with the internet as a platform it’s easier to get your music heard by others.

Favorite venue?

J: Shoko-Club in Barcelona!

Favorite concert?

L: Madlib & J. Rocc, but I’m still too young to be able to see any concerts, really!

Favorite place in the world?

J: Arosa in Switzerland. I just love the atmosphere up there in the alps, especially in the summer. The landscapes there are breathtaking!

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

L: Seoul

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