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[BadPanda120] Ghostandthesong – Escapes EP

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“Neo-unrealistic-pop” one-man project Ghostandthesong is actually one of the most interesting exponents of the Berlin experimental scene. Matthias Kanik released his first split tape together with Chris Rehm, on DZ Tapes (and also available as a free download).

His new EP is introduced by Ou Inme video, created by multimedia animation studio hypertrashwonderland – the brain child of director and digital filmmaker Marcus Grysczok.

Ghostandthesong – Escapes EP [zip]

01.  Phantom III [mp3] 02. Ou Inme [mp3]
03. Our Prayer [mp3]

(artwork by Marcel Strobel)


Where do you live actually?


What is the last thing you ate?

Chocolate cookies

Your addiction ?


What do you collect?

Old photos, of people making holidays in south france or sth..

What music style do you play?


Which sound or noise do you love?

Every noise. Bubble sounds are nice too.

What is your favorite meal?


One movie?

After The Fox, great movie with Peter Sellers.

A song for relaxing on a beach?

Maybe some Sunn o))) stuff…

One website?

Check out my band:

Favorite venue?

Berlin is so full of venues, which is good for playing live but we wanna play in the whole world! Book us!

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