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[BadPanda123] Andrea – Bedtime Stories EP

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Coming out from Paris, Andrea is the winner of our Kodak To Graph contest and he’s putting out an impressive EP featuring remixes from emerging and talented artists as Kodak To Graph, Kyson (who just released an EP on Moodgadget), Chester-based Real, Grobbie and Splinter.

Andrea – Bedtime Stories EP [zip]

1. Work the Middle [mp3]
2. Going Down [mp3]
3. Work the Middle (Kodak to Graph Remix) [mp3]
4. Work the Middle (Kyson Remix) [mp3]
5. Work the Middle (Real Remix) [mp3]
6. Work the Middle (Grobbie Remix) [mp3]
7. Work the Middle (Splinter Remix) [mp3]


Check out the interview with Andrea after the jump.

Where do you live actually?

I’m actually based in Paris. It’s not the best city to be making my kind of music, everything is techno/dubstep here, but i believe that internet makes frontiers disappear.

What sound or noise do you love?

There a lot of weird noises and sounds i hear threw the day that are worth loving, closing a door or even opening a can of coke are sounds that should get recorded ! unfortunately i dont own a small recorder or convenient mic to record all those noises, but someday i might work on that !

Which song do you listen to when you wake up?

Funny thing, Kayvon’s (Kodak to Graph) remix from my track ‘Work the Middle’ is my alarm clock song haha. I’ve got so much trouble waking up in the morning, i’m changing it very often but this one seems to work for me for now !

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

I’ve got a lot of issues with that, more than a single song, there’s full albums i wish i did, goes from early Bonobo or Portishead stuff to newer artists such as Mount Kimbie or Gold Panda.You could ask me that question day after day and the name of the song/artist would change.

What do you think about music industry?

It’s quite extraordinary, things are really changing, i’m pretty young but i can see things moving. Big music record companies are sinking, small ones are getting bigger, i think there’s a lot to do and i’m thrilled about the years ahead of us.

Favorite venue?
I play a set in a huge church in Paris last year. Even though it’s not the venue where i had the biggest audience, it was amazing to play in that kind of place, really magic, the natural reverb would make all my tracks have a whole new atmosphere.

Favorite place on earth?

The first that always comes to mind is Portishead, i’ve been a huge fan since i’m little, and seeing them was a dream become true.Phantogram was also really really good, i was listening to them non-stop for a year thinking they would never come to Paris, they’re even better live !

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

Anywhere that blows my mind, gives me time to wonder around, and have people i love near me

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