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[BadPanda133] Ghosts – Judge EP

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A superb blend of emotional electronica and dark ambient garage/dubstep that sounds like an hypotetic collaboration between Caribou and Burial.

Dublin-based Ghosts (Paudie Bob and Kevin Gleeson) new EP is impressive and it is majestically ranging from the hectic sounds of Sniper Wolf to the relaxed atmosphere of Grief And Sleep. Be sure to not miss them if you’re in Ireland: they’re playing on June 21st at Forward/Slash (Bernard Shaw, Dublin) and on August 31st at Electric Picnic.


Ghosts – Judge EP [zip]

stream on


01 Goodbye Now [mp3]
02 Judge [mp3]
03 It Still Hurts [mp3]
04 Sniper Wolf [mp3]
05 I Walk Alone [mp3]
06 Grief And Sleep [mp3]

Where do you live actually?

We both come from a small town in Ireland called Cashel. We are based in Dublin now though.

Your addiction?

Making and listening to music. watching films that fuck with your mind.

What is your favorite word?

Sound. In Ireland it means nice and ok as well as vibrating air

What sound or noise do you love?

Rumbly basses and delicious rimshots.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met??

We had breakfast with Andrew Lloyd Webber before. He was sound

One movie?


A song you wish you wrote yourself?

Imagine – John Lennon (Fat Dollaz)

The song to be played at your funeral?

Videotape – Radiohead

Best concert attended?

Grizzly Bear in Cork. We met them before on the street. Was Awesome

Favorite place on earth?

Would love to go to Iceland. it looks nice

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

In Da Munayy $$$

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