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[BPR02] Indian Wells – Night Drops

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“A render of surroundings in a removed state of being. Adjusting, relocating, dislocating to your view.”

Night Drops is the debut album by Indian Wells, italian mysterious producer(s) declinating tennis aesthetic with nocturne electronic sounds.

Good people at XLR8R described Indian Wells music slightly reminiscent of Shlohmo‘s Bad Vibes and Actress’ gritty mantras; more love is coming from verb/re/verb, Prefix Mag, stadium and shrinesnofearofpop., Impose,  dlso, VICE and iso50.

The album is now available for orders (limited edition, hand-signed CD-s) / free download.

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[ Wimbledon 1980In The Streets | Golden Shoes | Deuce | Love Frequencies | Night Drops | After The Match | South Beach ]


  • verb/re/verb: “A render of surroundings in a removed state of being”
  • XLR8R :” The title track roots the producer’s scatterbrained, ephemeral loops in deep kicks, light clicks, and swelling waves of warm synth tones. It all creates an atmosphere that is as relaxed and pensive as it is melancholy”
  • Prefix Mag
  • stadium and shrines
  • XLR8R : Sounding something like a blend of Shlohmo’s lo-fi textures and Actress’ gritty techno mantras, “Deuce” exhibits the shadowy aesthetics, crunchy beats, and brooding soundscapes
  • nofearofpop.
  • Impose Magazine
  • dlso
  • VICE
  • iamnosuperman
  • iso50
  • sub-radar

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