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Digits Remix Competition Winners: ▲WE SINK & Look, Stranger!

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Holy crap, I was so impressed by the quality and quantity of the remixes you made. So much time and effort put into this, it was difficult to narrow it down to ten, let alone two. But Look, Stranger! and ▲WE SINK were the best of the best and I’m so pleased to announce them as the winners. I seriously enjoyed listening to all the entries, and I’ll share a few honourable mentions at some point down the line on my Facebook and Twitter. It was so cool to hear my song reworked by producers and fans and you can always feel free to remix any of my songs. Hope you had fun! I definitely did.” (Digits)

Thank you so much to everyone for participating, David Rutherford from Listen Before You Buy is introducing the winners:

Look, Stranger! don’t just look to London for influences; they actually live there. They’ve already had the nod from The Guardian, and when they describe their sound as “space age bachelor pad music”, it’s easy to imagine why. While their general sound is more in the Wild Beasts direction, they pulled off a convincing minimal house turn for their remix.

▲WE SINK are based out of Athens – the real one, in Greece not Georgia – but their music draws heavily on the UK garage scene, and there are lots of glitchy pads and 8-bit blips to fill things out. There’s a definite nod in the direction of the likes of Two Inch Punch and Bobby Tank in the instrumentation.

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02/08/2012 at 12:30 PM

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