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Bringing Indian Wells to London with Songkick’s Detour

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Update: The Goal is reached, thanks for the support!

Indian Wells + guests
Saturday, June 1st 
Shacklewell Arms, London
Doors: 7pm

Buy ticket via Songkick Detour

Read about Indian Wells on Songkick Blog

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In an effort to bring Indian Wells to London we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Songkick’s Detour London project!

How it works is quite simple – fans have the ability to vote and pledge in advance to help bring their favourite artist to their city.

If you’re new to what Songkick Detour is trying to do, here’s the way the pledge system works…

1. Vote for your bands. Start with Indian Wells but feel free to vote for more artists

2. Pledge to buy tickets. Choose the price you think is fair

3. Once the gig is confirmed, the ticket price will be set. You won’t be charged more than the ticket price, even if your pledge was higher.

4. You won’t be charged until the concert is confirmed. If you can’t go, you’ll be refunded. You’ll only be charged for one concert, even if you vote for 50 bands.

We are really excited about this because crowdfunding seems to us like the way gigs will happen in the future. So, if you want to see Indian Wells in London please go visit the site.

They are still in private beta at the moment but Songkick has given us invite codes that you can access here:

Invite Code: P8QWJT6F

Detour Website –

More on Songkick and Detour London:

“At the heart of Detour is a belief that true fans can help their favourite artists come to their city sooner. Right now as a fan if you want to see a new band live, you have to wait till someone else (a combination of the band and the promoter) decide to take on the financial risk of confirming a show and traveling to a new place. Detour London gives fans a way to help the artists they love, by stepping up and committing to buy a ticket, telling the band “If you come, I’m in”.

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