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[BPR01] Dumbo Gets Mad – Elephants At The Door LP

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We’re thrilled and proud to announce the debut LP by Dumbo Gets Mad (facebook) and our first physical release!

The digital release of Elephants At The Door is available just spreading the word with your friends. You will be asked to login to Facebook or Twitter, edit the proposed tweet/wall message – and click the download button. Simple. We invite you to download the mp3s (or click the artwork cover!), print the artwork, burn the cd-r, spread the word, share it with everyone you know and support the artist as you can (buy the vinyl if you love it!).


Dumbo Gets Mad - Elephants At The Door

(if you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, please get in touch at badpandarecords at gmail dot com)

BUY ELEPHANTS AT THE DOOR (12” Gatefold Jacket, Limited Edition)

For all booking enquiries email : dumbogetsmad at gmail dot com
Press pack available: []

We like mp3 but vinyl is our first love. Thus some very limited 12” vinyls with gatefold jackets are now available. Let’s hope it’ll be a collector’s item before too long.  You can order them on BigCartel for 12€ + shipping costs (if you are in Rome, Italia or Berkeley, California and want to save on shipping costs get in touch).

01. Limbo’s Village [soundcloud] [youtube]
02. Plumy Tale [soundcloud] [youtube]
03. Marmelade Kids [soundcloud] [youtube]
04. Sleeping Over [soundcloud] [youtube]
05. Harmony [soundcloud] [youtube]
06. Why Try? [soundcloud] [youtube]
07. Eclectic Prawn [soundcloud] [youtube]
08. Self-esteem [soundcloud] [youtube]
09. Raymond Play [soundcloud] [youtube]
10. You Make You Feel [soundcloud] [youtube]

The separate stems [download] for the track You Make You Feel are now available for a contest remix. [Read more here]


Dumbo Gets Mad emerged in the summer of 2010 in Northern Italy and has now migrated to Los Angeles. His initial aim was to lay down some marvelous music in an organic manner, open to whatever direction the tunes took during the recording session. The first published track was Plumy Tale, which received positive reviews from a number of music blogs. Dumbo then decided to work on a debut album with an express goal and spirit in mind: “No matter what it sounded like, it had to be psychedelic!”

The result, Elephants At The Door, drops today. The album was recorded sans fancy technology, using old-fashioned equipment like analog synthetizers and tape machines—and lots of good vibes. (from Dossier Journal)


  • The Needle Drop [8/10] : “Think of it as Flying Lotus’s Cosmogramma from a psych rock perspective.”
  • SlantMagazine [4/5] : “Elephants at the Door is an inspiring victory of DIY determination”
  • Coke Machine Glow – Marmelade Kids track review: “This is probably the most potent free psychedelia you can have without growing your own peyote.”
  • LoudVision [9/10]: “You can call it post-Loveless shoegaze, lo-fi or dreampop. We simply define it wonder.”
  • Joe Tangari (Senior Contributing Writer at Pitchfork) : “Great psych band from Italy – Plumy Tale made my Pitchfork top 50 last year”.
  • Redefine Magazine: “The ability to change pace and still sound coherent is what makes the album so satisfying.” (Erik Burg)
  • NPR Song of the Day: Dumbo Gets Mad – Marmelade Kids

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[BadPanda015] Maryos – African Era

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Bad Panda song of the week is from an australian guy born in ’93. Influenced by compatriot acts as Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts and The Avalanches, he really enjoyed our first release (by Andy&Muzz) and he even remixed one of their song, Autumn Mist.
As he wrote in his soundcloud page, he made this song, African Era, inspired by Modeselektor.

Maryos – African Era [mp3] [ogg]

Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0
The song is distributed under a Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

Inspired by the likes of Midnight Juggernauts, Cut Copy, Modeselektor, Daft Punk and Woolfy, Maryos started making little edits, remixes and DJing with his friend Corey. Maryos & Corey had their first digital release on RuNT Records at the age of 15. Moving on a year or so after that Maryos’ taste of music developed and pushed him to try and make deeper, funkier tracks. Shortly after this he got a bit of love from one of his idols, the guru of funk, Woolfy from the US for one of his tracks. Maryos is now in the studio with friends working on some side projects.


Where do you live actually?

Melbourne, Australia!

What is the last thing you ate?

Exotic mushrooms

Your addiction?

Discovery Channel after 1am

One quote?

“Fuck off with your sofa units and strine green stripe patterns, I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let… lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may” – Tyler Durden

One movie?

Fight Club

One song?

Moby – Hymm

Best concert ever?

The Prodigy at BDO 2009!

Favourite place on earth?

My bedroom

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

Somewhere in outer space, maybe the Moon.

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[BadPanda014] The Jakesperiment – Scwarz

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Dissa Kamajaya, a 19 years old musician from Indonesia, is The Jakesperiment, an interesting solo instrumental ambient/neoclassic/post-rock project with influences as Akira Kosemura, Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Harold Budd, Cornelius and Anoice. Scwarz is a new beautiful song that could perfectly fit as intro on the next Sigur Ros or Coldplay album (but don’t tell Brian Eno or Jon Hopkins!).

The Jakesperiment – Scwarz [mp3] [ogg]

Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0
The song is distributed under a Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

“The Jakesperiment is an easy, smooth listening of an 18 year chap by the name of old Dissa Kamajaya. With tons of influences that rises from Akira Kosemura, Kashiwa Daisuke and Takahiro Kido, The Jakesperiment experience most surely alter moment of stillness to adequate, and delightful listening flaws.” (TheSirensSound)


Where do you live actually?

Bandung, the beautiful city in Indonesia but it’s polluted by tourist during weekend. It sucks!

What is the last thing you ate?

I ate two pandas!

Your addiction?

Smashing panda onto the wall!

One quote?

“Don’t get careless with panda.. they are dangerous!”

One movie?

Panda! Go, Panda! (Panda Kopanda), i love all Hayao Miyazaki’s movies..

One song?

Arms and Sleepers – Matador

Best concert ever?

It was that day! i think. 🙂 Mono (Japan) concert in Jakarta last year was my favourite.

Favourite venue?

Panda exhibit. I’ll hug them!

Favourite place on earth?

On a green grass field, by the lake, surrounding by rocky mountain, and yes, i would really love to.

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

In Abbey Road.


Symphony no.25 and Their Glories of The Night EP (Inmyroom, 2009) [dl]
Oh, Fairy! Tell me about the beauty ballad of the lovelorn symphony (s-r, 2009] [dl]

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