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[BadPanda026] Paralyze Humanity Sequence – Fuzzy Breathing

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This is what Nick Donlin quote on his blog page :  “Drawing mostly from electronic instruments and samples, the audible aesthetic retains an unnaturally earthy sound, containing in moments, everything from surf rock to spacey, psychedelic, goodness”.
His first EP can still be grabbed for the low price of free, he is now taking a break with his project releasing one new track with Bad Panda and he just started a new one with his friend Zach as Glitter Bones. They’re opening for Toro Y Moi in Chicago at the Empty Bottle, June 5. Enough said?

Paralyze Humanity Sequence – Fuzzy Breathing [mp3] [ogg]

Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

The songs are distributed under a Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

Paralyze Humanity Sequence is Nick Donlin. He has been playing music for more than half of his life. Nick was Raised in the midwest, to variety of music from R.E.M to K.C and the Sunshine band. Paralyze Humanity Sequence currently strives to create poppy atmospheres through layers of sampled dreamy textures and heavy percussion. Over the music drifts a thin voice, harmonized and full of melody. His music is often reflective of his mood, or his day to day life, writing about experiences and people Nick encounters during his life. Most of his free time is spent listening to or creating music, considering it the most important thing in his life. Paralyze Humanity Sequence attempts to challenge the boundaries of pop music, attempting to create something new from a genre of cliches.


Where do you live actually?

I currently live in Valparaiso, IN, where I was born. I was living in Chicago for about two years, and plan on returning next fall.

What is the last thing you ate?

White Chocolate milkshake.

Your addiction?


One quote?

“There’s no drama like wrestling.” -Andy Kaufman

One movie?


One song?

Water No Get Enemy by Fela Kuti.

Favourite venue?

The Riviera

Favourite concert?

Star Wars in Concert

Favourite place on earth?

My room.

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

Amsterdam would be just a nice surprise.

Feelings Party EP (2009) [dl]
Returning the Magic EP (2010) [dl] *as Glitter Bones

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