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[BadPanda085] akaUNO – Sunday Market / Hidden Leaves

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“I like the idea of posting my music in roofs, walls, buses, underground, dead drops, lamp-posts, graffitis… anywhere anytime so you just have to grab it & take it home.”

This is akaUNO, from Tenerife, currently living in Madrid and working in sound research and electronic music. Using guitar, electronics & field recordings as main sound and inspired by names as ECM, Aoki Takamasa, Tujiko Noriko, Sigur Ros, Sakamoto, Fennesz, Lali Puna, Zen, Bill Frisell, Derek Bailey, Tortoise & thousands more… he is now working on an experimental-minimal album, a solo guitar project and a trumpet electronics and guitar collaboration.

UPDATE: New EP, free download on soundcloud or pay-with-a-tweet!

akaUNO – Sunday Market / Hidden Leaves [ZIP]

A1 – Sunday Market [mp3] [ogg] [flac] [wav]
A2 – Hidden Leaves [mp3] [ogg] [flac] [wav]


Where do you live actually?

El Rastro (Madrid), where the local street market takes place.

What is the last thing you ate?

Not sure but probably pasta or cheese.

Your addiction ?

Pasta & Bikes & Cheese.

What do you collect?

I’m not much into collecting.

What is your favorite word?

Uhhmmmmmmmhhmm!! (pronounced when your feeling good).

One quote?

“There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to pet wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.” (HAGAKURE).

One movie?

Down By Law (Jim Jarmusch).

One book?

Last book I read was An Béal Bocht (The Poor Mouth) by Flann O’Brien, I recommend it. One of my favourites is A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.

Which song do you listen when you wake up?

Lately I’ve been listening to Little Dragon and the last album by Radiohead.

A song you wish you wrote yourself?

Any fugue by any baroque composer.

The song to be played at your funeral?

I would like it to be a party (food, drink…) & making some kind of music jam. We call it “tenderete” in the islands.

A song for relaxing on a beach?

Best thing on the beach for me is siesta on the warm sand. I also like to take my guitar and play some bossa.

Your sunday morning track?

On Sunday morning I have the “rastro” (street market) background coming through my window.

One website?

I find Wikipedia very useful. I like RUCCAS.

What do you think about music industry and filesharing/internet as a promotion tool?

I don’t have great esteem in the majority of the music industry. Sharing it’s always a good thing, be it music or other.

What do you think about Creative Commons?

I think that giving people a greater freedom on how to manage their works it’s always positive. It offers a wider spectrum, and diversity it’s growth. About this subject there is a great research here sharefreemusic.

Favorite venue?

To name just a few, in Madrid I like Tabacalera, it’s a huge old industrial place. It creates a special mood (the acoustic it’s very weird). I’ve recorded there in a project where we used the natural sound of the space. I also remember with great joy some warehouse parties and performances in London.

Favourite concert?

That’s a hard one. I remember when I was a teenager the first time I saw Paco de Lucía. It was very special, at the end I was so excited and the place was so big that I didn’t really listened to the concert with attention. I also enjoyed very much seeing a few years ago John Abercrombie with Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette. More recently I saw Yamandu Costa and it blew my head off. Also a very good concert I attended recently was Nils Petter Molvaer (Hamada), great ambients and soundscapes.

Favourite place on earth?

Anaga in Tenerife. Beautiful forests, small villages and quiet beaches.

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

In a sunny place with lots of trees and nature, all types of bicycles that everybody could use when they wanted to. Good food, all kinds of instruments to be played when you feel, …… (to be continued).

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